So what will be on your list of resolutions????

Now the New Year is here so we have a chance to try, try again - how can you make sure the TRYturns into ACHIEVE. That's how I can help -  Think of me like your GPS - removing all the internal roadblocks and being a sounding board for you to take a moment and set out a plan to meet your goals.


How do we make this work for you? 


We talk, set out a plan and find ways for you to meet your objectives. We will schedule two calls per month over six months to make this happen. Each time we speak we will get closer to meeting your goals and removing any roadblocks you might have. You don't need to be fixed and I am not here to mend any fences. I am here to share experience as a Holistic Health Coach to meet your goals. We will work on all facets of your life - balance, activity, health and relationships.  


I am not perfect so it helps me understand the beauty of imperfections and how we all can learn from them. Like my mom always says - "Even a diamond has flaws". And for those who play golf - the divots in the golf ball are needed to help the ball gain more range. So we all come with a little bit of exceptional magnificence - my version of divot or flaw- and together we will use that to meet your goals.


I look forward to learning about you and the exceptional magnificence you have yet to uncover.


Email me so we can start the conversation - kami@elahi-holistic.com
Kami Evans - Certified Holistic Health Coach